2011/8 - Blog - Rinse Bath & Body, Inc.
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Have you Met: Tea Tree Roll-On?

Posted by Heather on 8/19/2011 to Product Highlights

                               Tea Tree Roll-On by Rinse Bath and Body Tea Tree Roll-on by Rinse Bath and Body

To tell you the truth, the Tea Tree Roll-On was a personal blend (I was being selfish for a moment) that saved me from itching more often than not.  It all started many years ago when I somehow came in contact with a batch of...

Have You Met: Peppofoot Stick?

Posted by Heather on 8/11/2011 to Product Highlights

                              Peppofoot stick by Rinse Bath and Body Co. Peppofoot Stick by Rinse Bath and Body

It may have a strange name, but boy is it good stuff. The background…

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