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Posted by Heather on 7/27/2010 to Life in the Shop

I’m a list junkie. I’ve been known to write a list of lists that I needed to write. I don’t blame myself for this nasty habit though.  It’s all my son’s fault. Ever since he has been in my life my brain functionality has decreased dramatically. If it’s not written down, it may not get done.

I’ve listed on everything from the back of an envelope, to post it notes, to...

Things Are Looking a Little Different Around These Parts

Posted by Heather on 7/25/2010 to Life in the Shop

First, you’ll notice that there is a posting circa July 2010. Now that’s a major accomplishment! Things have been busy in our neck of the woods, but literally and figuratively.

You may also notice a few more eyeballs peering back at you as you read this post. I have finally been able to incorporate...
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