2008/4 - Blog - Rinse Bath & Body, Inc.
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All the Soap is Gone!

Posted by Heather on 4/5/2008 to Life in the Shop
Not really, but almost! 15 batches, that's 30 logs and...

Not Only Do We Have Candy, We Have Style & Baked Goods Too!

Posted by Heather on 4/4/2008 to Rinse Updates & So Much More
And we're on the rise. StyleBakery.com has featured us as...

We're Pulling Out Our Calendars

Posted by Heather on 4/3/2008 to Life on the Road
And they are filling up almost as quickly as we're looking at them.

Farmers' Markets are right around the corner (that means May is too, yikes where did the 1st 1/3rd of 2008 go?) and festivals are approaching even faster.

And then we have to think about the holiday season. Yes, we are already...
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