2011/3 - Blog - Rinse Bath & Body, Inc.
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Product Highlight—Tres Clay Facial Bar

Posted by Heather on 3/30/2011 to Product Highlights
A 100% natural cleanser for oily, slightly oily, or blemish prone skin.

The Background…
The Tres Clay Facial Bar was formulated for my husband who has oily skin, larger pores, & was prone to breakouts. He also liked to use a facial scrub, so we blended this bar as a two-fer.

Product Highlight—Oatbrasion Facial Mask

Posted by Heather on 3/23/2011 to Product Highlights

Your skin’s condition changes constantly (at the very least usually with the seasons). We think your facial exfoliator shouldn’t have to.

The background…

Product Highlight—Dead Sea Mud & Salt Body Polish

Posted by Heather on 3/17/2011 to Product Highlights

Our version of a salt scrub… but solid.

First, the background…
Body Scrubs are just about the most instant-gratification body treatment you can do. My only problem with them is having to stick your hand through a vat of oil to get to the exfoliator at the bottom. So we solved that problem by making our...
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