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Product Highlight—Peppermint Pucker Stick

Posted by Heather on 2/16/2011 to Product Highlights

It’s fantastic… and we’re not just saying that because we make it.

First, the background…
The Peppermint Pucker Stick is blended with some of the most amazing healing,...

Spa Highlight—Ciao Bella Day Spa (Littleton, CO)

Posted by Heather on 2/8/2011 to Rinse Updates & So Much More
CB Sign
If you’re looking for a little bit of Rinse (or some fantastic pampering) in Littleton, Colorado look no further than Ciao Bella Day Spa. Here you’ll find some fantastic custom formulated Nectar Rinse products, but look closely because...

Just enough so you know that it's there... not so much that it burns.

Posted by Heather on 2/6/2011 to Rinse Updates & So Much More
You may question the title a bit, but I promise it will all make sense (well as much sense as it can make) & will probably make you smile by the time I’m done too.

The back story…
The Rinse to-do list always runs long and it never all gets done.  A couple of years ago Damyn stepped in to help me cross some to-do’s (the every day kind of ones and those special project kind of ones) off of the Rinse list.
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