Disney show prep
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What does it look like getting ready for Disney?

Posted by Heather on 9/16/2010 to Life in the Shop

We are 11 days away from leaving for the Food & Wine Festival (a 45 day festival to boot). What does that mean for our workshop? Things like producing until we run out of ingredients (which is happening more often than not); back-ups in what gets done (tons of soap needing to be shelved, dishes to be done, ingredients to be ordered…); packing our displays… all while trying to keep product stocked at the workshop to fill wholesale & web orders while I’m away.

Disney prep

Soaps that are waiting
to be put up to dry

Disney prep 2

Shelves, some full, some empty—
all will be full by the end of the weekend

This doesn’t even include packing for 45 days of unpredictable weather; getting the house in order to be a bachelor pad while I’m away or spending all of the quality time I can with one little T.

Enough for now. Off to put up that soap!

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