Setting up at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival
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Rinse at Epcot's F&W Festival - Part III

Posted by Heather on 11/15/2009 to Life on the Road
So we’re there, unloaded and able to drive BWT. Let the magic begin.

As we were unpacking and setting up there was bustling everywhere with rigging going up, merchandise being put out, & plants potted every which way. I didn’t want to take any liberties with our space or layout since we were incorporated in such a way as to flow with the festival merchandise. We got down to doing our usual thing, after all, this is just another show—right?

167Technically yes, but actually no. As we were getting the product out and we were placing and fluffing the real magic happened. One of the merch-andisers for the festival offered suggestions, a hand, & props/fixtures! She also had the power to move tables which ended up showcasing our products beautifully (as well as front & center).

Before Picture (to the left)

And after…
View F&W display after Magic

While we stepped away for a bite to eat the elves were busy at our space. It’s amazing what the coolest burlap (could I expect anything but from WDW?), a few fantastic props/fixtures (which includes an amazing birdbath that I’m now trying to duplicate), and a quick rearranging of the tables in the hands of a fantastic visual merchandiser can do. We came back to more than I ever could have expected.

The rest of our job that day was easy—fill in the blanks with product. As we were doing that the excitement started to buzz. Cast members were intrigued, the smell was drawing them over and I was getting into my groove.

to be cont…
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