Epcot Food & Wine Festival Part II
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Rinse at Epcot’s F&W Festival—Part II

Posted by Heather on 11/13/2009 to Life on the Road

We headed over to the Wonders building (formerly the home of Body Wars) after we finished unloading HF’s 2nd load.  Everyone else rolled in at a reasonable 8:00 am hour so we were able to get some direction as to where in the world my space was going to be.

We got a golden location conveniently blended in with the festival merchandise.  As guests walked in the door... BAM, you saw Rinse.  I don’t think I could have planned it any better.

We commandeered a cart and the two of us unloaded the big white truck (BWT) and started situating the tables (of which HF had arranged a sweet selection for my merchandising pleasure).  In no time we were ready to head back for HF’s load #3.

Easy enough right?  That’s what I was thinking.  We got everything moved in and they hadn’t even asked me to leave yet.  This is good.  But, then it happened.  Between the time we parked at the top of a fairly steep hill a collection of golf carts, a semi truck and a van decided to play Tetris with BWT.  HF “measured” the space left and was confident that I could maneuver BWT through the space to freedom.  After what felt like 10 minutes of Austin Powers in the tunnel, I successfully got BWT turned 90 degrees from where we started and stuck between a steep hill behind me, a semi truck in front of me, & a WDW van to the right—the left side was wide open.

HF hunted down the semi driver and got him to graciously give us about 3 more feet to play with.  That happened to be just enough space for me to get BWT stuck even worse.  At this point, the passenger door of BWT was ON the BUMPER of the white WDW van. How this happened I will never know, but now I understand why I had to up our auto insurance before they would provide me with a parking pass. (Did someone warn them about me)?

Just as HF was going to get a forklift to move the van (Lord only knows just how it was going to happen, but HF is certainly the person to be able to get it done) my knight in shining armor walked out the door… his name was Andy.  I had no idea who he was or what he did but he offered to help direct me out of my predicament and I felt a little better.  Andy, being a Dad, as I found out later, must have seen the terror in my eyes because he then quickly offered to hop in and get BWT unstuck (which was a feat that took him about 10 minutes to do).

I saw my Disney vendor career pass before my very eyes before it even started.  But, because of Andy I got to stick around for another day (46 actually).  So, Andy, if you ever read this posting… Thank You!

Oh and the flashing lights of AREA 51 weren’t there for intimidation at all.  They were the lights from Test Track.  Now don’t I feel silly?!?!
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