Pure Bliss, Squalane Oil
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Product Highlight—Pure Bliss

Posted by Heather on 10/12/2010 to Product Highlights

Have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? You know the dad that uses Windex on everything? If you have, you know you’ll understand it when I say I use Pure Bliss like he used Windex… on everything!

First, the background…
Pure Bliss is 100% Squalane Oil, derived from the olive. The compound of Squalane is the same as a lipid that is already found in the skin. It helps promote cell regeneration, cell elasticity, and helps to fight fine lines and wrinkles. When applied to the skin, it permeates at the rate of 2 mm/second without leaving an oily or greasy feeling behind.
Pure Bliss, Squalane Oil
So why do we love it…

  1. I use it every day as my facial moisturizer and every night as my eye treatment (even under make-up).  I also use it on anything that needs a little extra TLC like scratches, scuffs, scrapes…
  2. It’s been known to help soothe eczema & psoriasis spots as well as other sensitive skin spots.
  3. It’s 100% natural and has no smell or taste.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some words from other folks who love it too:

  • “I have a friend, another Sharon, who had marks left on her skin after almost six months in the hospital. It plagued her for several weeks before Heather stopped by and gave her some 'Pure Bliss' to put on it. Now, just three days later, it has completely gone away.” Sharon S.
  • “The skin on my face has never looked as good as it has since I started using Pure Bliss. A little drop at night after I wash my face and my skin is soft and clear. I was having major issues with patchy dryness before I found this product– –not anymore!”  Laura D.
  • “This product was definitely given the right name! I have very dry feet that tend to peel (very painful) but when I use Pure Bliss on my feet and toes they heal by the next morning. This product soaks right in, which I love! I also use it on my hands when they are very dry from over-washing or winter weather.”  Sally W.
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