Oatbrasion Powdered Facial Mask
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Product Highlight—Oatbrasion Facial Mask

Posted by Heather on 3/23/2011 to Product Highlights

Your skin’s condition changes constantly (at the very least usually with the seasons). We think your facial exfoliator shouldn’t have to.

The background…

Oatbrasion Powdered Face Mask Oatbrasion Facial Mask is a DIY micro-dermabrasion mask that you mix with your own liquid depending on your skin type.  Water is just fine, but if you’re dry you can mix it with anything moisturizing like:  milk, cream, plain yogurt, EVOO, honey…  If you’re oily, mix in a little witch hazel, tomato juice , or any acidic fruit. Make a paste and in a circular motion apply. The finely ground pumice will exfoliate your face. Let the mask set on the skin for a few minutes. This allows the powdered honey (in the mask) to lightly moisturize and the colloidal oatmeal to calm everything down.

 Why we love it…

  1. You can use it year-round by changing what you mix in it. You can even make 2 masks and treat your face specifically for what it needs where it needs it.
  2. The oatmeal calms your skin down so you won’t be red and irritated afterward.
  3. The softness of the skin once you’re finished is totally touchable.

Don’t just take our word for it…

  • “I love this product! I mix it with greek yogurt, and it is a decadent and effective mask. I notice the difference in my skin when I don’t use it.”  Julie D.
  • “This is a great exfoliator for the face. I love that I can mix my own scrub depending on what my needs are. Great for me since I have combination skin. A little goes a long way, too, so it is very economical.”  Sally W.
  • “I use green tea when I do this mask, and love the way my skin feels after. Who needs a spa when you have wonderful product like [this from] Rinse?”  Jennifer D.
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