Dead Sea Mud & Salt Polish
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Product Highlight—Dead Sea Mud & Salt Body Polish

Posted by Heather on 3/17/2011 to Product Highlights

Our version of a salt scrub… but solid.

First, the background…
Body Scrubs are just about the most instant-gratification body treatment you can do. My only problem with them is having to stick your hand through a vat of oil to get to the exfoliator at the bottom. So we solved that problem by making our scrubs solid. A rich Shea Butter base suspends the salts so with each dollop you get everything you need to make your skin shine.

Dead Sea Mud & Salt Polish

Our Dead Sea Mud & Salt Polish is blended with organic Dead Sea Salts which make for a very scrubby experience along with Spearmint & Lavender Essential Oils which will turn your bathroom into a spa. Also, since the salts are organic they have a bit of Dead Sea Mud clinging to them which means there is also a dose from the Dead Sea of the fantastic minerals that skin loves in every jar.

To use take a small dollop in your hands & work it around for a couple of seconds. The heat from your body will melt the Shea Butter & will release the Apricot Kernel & Grapeseed Oils. Scrub as usual then wash away. We like to use the polish BEFORE we get into the shower. This allows time for your freshly exfoliated skin to be moisturized. Also, if you shave in the shower, you will have the smoothest shave ever if you shave after you exfoliate. 
So why do we love it…

    How to use Dead Sea Mud & Salt Body Polish
  1. Like we said, it’s solid.  That means no messy mixing & you will be able to use every bit of product in the jar (no half oil filled jars left).
  2. It’s 100% natural.
  3. It’s super moisturizing, but it doesn’t leave you feeling oily or greasy.
  4. It is our most exfoliating scrub.
  5. After you’ve used it, you are so unbelievably soft… and it lasts… for days!
  6. It’s great for all over (except for the face, a little too scrubby).
  7. A little bit goes a long way.
  8. Have we mentioned the smell? It makes your bathroom smell like a spa.

Don’t just take our word for it…

  • “My feet get very dry and this scrub is the first one I have found that actually helps. The salt polishes away any rough patches and then the oils keep my feet moisturized for well over 24 hours after using the scrub. The smell is awesome and my feet feel refreshed immediately.”  Sally W.
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