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What does it look like getting ready for Disney?

Posted by Heather on 9/16/2010 to Life in the Shop
We are 11 days away from leaving for the Food & Wine Festival (a 45 day festival to boot). What does that mean for our workshop?

Our Workshop (Before)

Posted by Heather on 8/6/2010 to Life in the Shop
In all of the commotion of the summer, we moved our workshop from a 400 square foot space to a 1500 square foot space (with some space still to grow).  The space took a lot of DIY handy work (by D mostly) but it is coming around nicely.


Posted by Heather on 7/27/2010 to Life in the Shop

I’m a list junkie. I’ve been known to write a list of lists that I needed to write. I don’t blame myself for this nasty habit though.  It’s all my son’s fault. Ever since he has been in my life my brain functionality has decreased dramatically. If it’s not written down, it may not get done.

I’ve listed on everything from the back of an envelope, to post it notes, to...
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