Essential Oil Tea Tree Roll-On
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Have you Met: Tea Tree Roll-On?

Posted by Heather on 8/19/2011 to Product Highlights

                               Tea Tree Roll-On by Rinse Bath and Body Tea Tree Roll-on by Rinse Bath and Body

To tell you the truth, the Tea Tree Roll-On was a personal blend (I was being selfish for a moment) that saved me from itching more often than not.  It all started many years ago when I somehow came in contact with a batch of poison ivy. Now the most interesting part of this is that I was nowhere near a plant but rather in the middle of a parking lot during a farmers’ market.  I figure I rubbed up against someone or something that had previously been a little too close to the infamous “leaf of three.”  Well, my arm itched & swelled, then it blistered. After a couple of days of tolerating all of the above while trying to do everything to keep my hands off of it, I had a light bulb moment. I went into the workshop & mixed a little bit of this with a few drops of that & WALA, I was cured. No really, it only took 1 application & about 15 minutes for the irritation to go away & only overnight until my skin was pretty much back to normal. For the next couple of years I kept this potion for personal use. I wasn’t hoarding, I just didn’t know there was that much of a need for it. Finally I realized that there was, so we bottled it & now are letting lots of others enjoy the “magic” of my potion.

Why we love it…

  1. Of course, because it helps to relieve & even clear up minor skin irritations like poison ivy (my itchy arm loves it a lot).
  2. Bug Bites!!!  I must be really sweet because they just eat me up. I no longer worry about it because my Tea Tree Roll-On will do the trick for the itch.
  3. Blemishes beware! Have one or feel one coming? Just a dab will do you & it.
  4. It’s 100% natural, vegan-friendly & gluten-free.
  5. It is a blend of 2 of our favorite things: Squalane Oil & Tea Tree Essential Oil (which is know for it’s antiseptic & healing properties).

Don’t just take our word for it…

  • “I love it, I use it for zits, bug bites, burns, itchy spots. I swear by it.”  Cynthia S.
  • “I just started using it last month. I use it on my toes to keep them hydrated after the pool, on bug bites, blemishes and itchy/bumpy skin. LOVE the product. I even took it on vacation!”  Sally W.
  • “love it!!!!! Used it religiously on a nice large sidewalk scrape on my face after an unfortunate trip at my daughter’s preschool. The scrap e healed beautifully and the oil kept it from scabbing, cracking, and bleeding. I don’t even have the slightest scar. It was my gift to my friends this past year for Christmas and they all love it too. I also use it on my daughter wherever her skin needs some love. Thank you!!!!!”  Kerry H.
  • ” LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! so convenient – I carry it with me always!”  Liza B.
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