Thievery Essential Oil Roll-On
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Have You Met: Thievery Roll-On?

Posted by Heather on 9/6/2014 to Product Highlights

                                Thievery Essential Oil by Rinse Bath and Body Thievery Essential Roll-on by Rinse Bath and Body

Thievery Roll-On
(What kind of name is that?… Well, let me tell you).

Back in the day, we’re talking waaaaay back in the Bubonic Plague day, the story goes there was a group of thieves (there were four thieves) who robbed plague victims & their graves, but they never got the plague. Once they were finally apprehended part of their sentencing was that they had to give up their secrets to staying healthy. Well, they ended up being spice merchants by trade & they used the oils & herbs to protect them. Their secret recipe included Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, & Lemon.

So what does that have to do with us non-plagued folks worrying about people of today? Well testing & studies have shown that the essential oils in this blend can be helpful against airborne bacteria, have antiseptic properties, can be antiviral, & anti-infectious.

And what does that have to do with a roll-on…
We decided to take this germ-kicking essential oil blend, mix it up with our favorite Squalane Oil (read about squalane here) & put a roller top on it for easy, anywhere & anytime application.

Why we love the Thievery Roll-On

  • Everyone around you sick or getting sick, you can use it to help keep germs at bay
  • Having a hard time getting over that last little bit of cold or flu, it can help get you over that hump
  • Want to proactively help your kids fight the petri dish called school, rub it on their feet & slide some socks on them
  • The Thievery blend includes our favorite ingredient… Squalane Oil
  • It’s 100% natural, vegan-friendly, & gluten-free

How we use the Thievery Roll-On

  • Roll it where you need it, got a tickle in your throat—roll it over your throat, your ear bothering you a bit—roll it behind your ear, feeling a little chest’y— roll it on your chest
  • Roll it on the back of the neck, the bottoms of the feet or on your chin to be a little proactive with things

Don’t just take our word for it…

  • “I use it every day and have avoided catching a cold for a full year!!”  Ashley M.
  • “I still LOVE my Thievery roll-on – I use it every night.”  Jim V.
  • “I bought your Thievery Roll-on at Epcot when we were down there in March (we live in Niagara, Canada) and have been using Thievery along my neck lymph-node area to help combat sinus infections and headcolds, sore throats and whatever spring threw at me (with some success – I haven’t needed antibiotics which is a HUGE step for me!)”  Shaunna M.

Want some of your very own…  Click Here


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