Handmade Soap Etiquette: How to Use Nutral, Handmade Soap
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Handmade Soap Etiquette

Posted by Heather on 5/18/2011 to Rinse Updates & So Much More

                        Soap Care by Rinse Bath and Body co. Soap care by Rinse Bath and Body

Who knew that there was such a thing as etiquette for your handmade soap… but leave it to us to figure it out!

Soap etiquette is very simple & very important to the life of your bar. Just by taking a few simple steps will make the life of your soap much longer.

  1. Cut your handmade soap in half. It will make the total bar last longer.
    • Store your other half in a place that it can breath.
  2. Don’t let your handmade soap sit in a puddle.
    • Look for a soap dish with ridges and/or holes that allow water to run away from the bar.
  3. Don’t let your handmade soap have water constantly running over it (of course while you’re using it water is a-ok, just not when you’re not).
  4. Make sure your handmade soap can breathe when it is not in use.
    • Don’t store your soap in plastic bags or containers.

All in all the rule of thumb is… the longer a handmade soap dries the longer it will last. If good soap etiquette is used, a handmade soap can easily outlast a commercial bar.

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