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Essential Oils

Our certified organic collection of pure essential oils are perfect for anyone interested in incorporating the natural goodness of essential oils into their daily life no matter if you are a seasoned aromatherapy pro, just curious about essential oils, or anywhere in between.

After years of customer requests, we launched these oils because we saw a need for certified organic essential oils that were both accessible and affordable (and that's what we are all about). Our oil collection is curated containing our personal favorite oils that you can use either one at a time or can easily mix and match in multiples to create your own favorite blends.

We often get the question of where we get our essential oils from. Well, the answer is easy. We've been working in the essential oil world for over 16 years (longer than some companies have even existed) with the best suppliers and brokers in the business. We've fostered the right relationships and have grown with the right people. Our team works closely with the growers and distillers of the oils to ensure the best possible product. In fact, our oils are tested in the same labs that test the oils of the big boys - because we like the back-up.
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Rosemary Essential Oil - Certified Organic
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Thievery Essential Oil - Certified Organic
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Tea Tree Essential Oil - Certified Organic
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