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Pine Soap Dish
Wooden Soap Dish by Rinse Bath & Body

Pine Soap Dish

Part Number:90DISH
Price: $6.00
In Stock
These Pinse Soap Dishes aren't just fashionable, they're functional too. Soap dishes provide a cozy home for the soap, but they should also protect the bar & prolong its life.

The ridges on these dishes support the soap allowing water to move away from the bar & letting it dry between uses. Both of those things will make the bar last longer.

Please note: These soap dishes are raw, untreated wood. You will need to clean them and can do so by bleaching, microwaving them or sending them through the dishwasher.

Rinse tries to keep it in the family whenever possible. Heather's father cuts each soap dish & sands them each by hand.

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